purity created
by hand.

With a pure, smoke-free burn, soothing crackle and unforgettably calming scents, The Nashville Chicks Candle Co. started in the hands of a mother and daughter.

mother + daughter

Leslie and Luca discovered that many candles on the market have harmful chemicals and pollutants that are not good for everyday life. They thought if they care about protecting their loved ones from these chemicals, then others would too. Leslie and Luca created the first Nashville Chicks candle with the utmost care and loving attention. Too good not to share, they began crafting these candles for friends and family and soon after, The Nashville Chicks Candle Co. grew into a booming local business.

The Nashville chicks.

This mother-daughter duo create with their hands and hearts products filled with love, care and purity. True Nashvillians, they are the ‘the Nashville Chicks’… though not to be confused with their beloved chickens, who make the sweetest Nashville Chicks Candle Co mascots.

the heart of play

The goal of The Nashville Chicks Candle Co. was to create the purest, cleanest, most relaxing candles possible, while having fun. This all came about through Leslie and Luca’s love from doing things together, exploring creative ideas and the heart of play.

giving back

We support our local communities. If you are a local business or charity and you're looking for a way to raise money for your cause, reach out to us by email, crackle@thenashvillechicks.com or fill our form on the Contact Page.