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our original scents

Here’s a glossary to the full fragrance line at The Nashville chicks candle co. Want to Customize one of our candles with a specific scent? Simply click/tap each below to jump to the store.

fresh lavender + cedar
lavender, cinnamon stick, lily,
patchouli, cedar, cane sugar
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citrus verbena + thyme
lemon, lavender, verbena,
citronella, eucalyptus, musk
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espresso + cocoa bean
coffee, milk chocolate, brown sugar,
creamy caramel, vanilla
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orange zest + ginger
orange zest, jasmine, soft plum,
rose petal, brazilian clove, zesty ginger
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aged rawhide + brandy
leather, whiskey cask, rosemary,
gardenia, clove, patchouli
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vanilla bean + tobacco
tobacco, lemon curd, vanilla bean,
smokes cuban corojo tobacco leaf
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blood orange + nutmeg
blood orange, fresh nutmeg,
cinnamon, ginger snap, honey
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sweet whiskey
orange infused, honey, bourbon,
clove, oakmoss, patchouli
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our summer scents

lavender mint + rosemary
crushed mint, lime, lavender,
rosemary, bright citrus
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citronella + lemongrass
citronella, lemongrass,
cedarwood, spicy herbs
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our fall scents

curried coconut + chai
flaked coconut, spicy ginger,
cinnamon, nutmeg
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anjou pear + clove
anjou pear, cinnamon leaf,
clove, cedarwood
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smoked pumpkin + clove
smoked pumpkin, clove bud,
nutmeg, orange rind
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our winter scents

clementine + monterey pine
Mandarin, lemon, redwood, musk, cedar, sandalwood
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blue spruce + mistletoe
Eucalyptus, musky pinewood, sweet apple, juniper, fir balsam
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peppermint + mocha
Peppermint, cocoa shavings, nutmeg, coffee beans, whipped cream
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