pure. natural. clean.

We all do the best we can to make healthy choices. We buy healthy food. We exercise. We laugh. We love. So why should we have anything in our living space that is emitting toxins and chemicals into our air? The Nashville Chicks Candle Co. uses the purest, all-natural products in our candles.

what you can find in our candles:

what is NOT in our candles:

Non-food grade paraffin wax (diesel fuel residue)

Lead wicks (emit toxins & carcinogens)

Synthetic fragrances (emit toxins & carcinogens)

Parabéns (chemical preservatives)

Phthalate (chemical plastic)

Glutens (allergens)

Vybar (chemical polymer)

handle with care.

Proper care is essential to maintaining the maximum longevity and purity of your candles.

Chick Tip:

Using a tissue or paper towel to pinch off the tip of the wick before re-lighting will help assure proper flame size for the maximum life of your candle.